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Our office is located in a unique and strategic position, on the beautiful promenade called “Lungomare Vittorio Veneto” at n. 1, in front of the ancient castle on the sea, symbol of Rapallo. A welcoming office awaits you to meet us!

The 4 showcases with exceptional visibility offer a greater view of our services.


Born in Piedmont and moved to Rapallo when he just finished his studies as a surveyor. He carries out a traineeship as a surveyor in a well-known technical study of Rapallo, learning many important technical knowledges like: planning, design and land registry. The passion for the “brick” and the
study of the “private law”, find in the activity of real estate agent the ideal combination. He starts to work in a major real estate agency of Tigullio where he was supported, for many years, by the experience of the owner, while learning all the various facets of this work.

Real estate agent since 1994, in 1999 he decided to start a new adventure starting his own agency, with his own forces, like this he founded the Real Estate Montallegro – “Immobiliare Montallegro”.


Ligurian by birth, she grew up and lives in Zoagli, with her husband Alessandro and daughter Beatrice. In her you can immediately notice her sunny disposition and the fact that she is always smiling (a characteristic probably received by the grandmother, a native Emilian – Parma). She started working for a well known real estate agency in Rapallo, where she has made a lot of experience and has become a real estate agent. With her friendly and open character, she has also become the interlocutor of many customers.

Real estate agent since 1996, she found an ideal partner in Diego to undertake a new company with him and together founded the Real Estate Montallegro – “Immobiliare Montallegro”.



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Applichiamo un metodo di lavoro collaudato da anni, efficace e professionale: entrare in empatia con il cliente, capire le esigenze e offrire una consulenza tecnica qualificata.

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