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We’ve been applying a proven, effective and professional working method for years. Empathizing with the customer, understanding the needs and offering a qualified technical advice, these are the key points that distinguish us from the competition and allow us to be the reference point of customers.

This is a method that takes the form of two aspects:

  1. The human side: listen and understand the needs and desires of people, translating them into the reality of our places and helping people choose the ideal solutions for them;
  2. The technical side: around the purchase and sale of a property, revolve multiple activities for the management that need specific skills and constant updates.

Professional assessment, document checks, building checks, cadastral checks, mortgage checks, condominium checks, mortgage document management, advertising and marketing strategies to best propose real estate, selection of property and customers, etc.

The role of the professional real estate agent today is the role of “director” of this difficult and important process and of all the professional figures connected to them. Our customers recognise in us a greater ability to manage all this process, lightening them from every thought and reaching the sale in absolute tranquility. All this distinguishes us from the competition and makes us excel in our business.

Present on the real estate market in Rapallo, Zoagli and Santa Margherita since the 90s, we have gained experience and skills and today the Montallegro Real Estate is a consolidated and established reality.
To provide the best results we invest every day in vocational training and innovation, choosing the best solutions, means and strategies.

Associated of FIAIP (Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents)

Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents

FIAIP Associates

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Applichiamo un metodo di lavoro collaudato da anni, efficace e professionale: entrare in empatia con il cliente, capire le esigenze e offrire una consulenza tecnica qualificata.

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